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How Red Light Therapy Works

NASA proven technology to help your body recover

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  • 670nm

    The wavelength of light our device emits. Backed by NASA research as the most effective wavelength for red light therapy

  • ATP Production

    Clinically proven to Increase your body's natrual healing proccess by giving it energy on a cellular level

  • Vasodilation

    Clinically  proven to Increase Nitric Oxide, the body's natural vasodilator. Increasing healthy blood flow while decreasing blood pressure


Trusted by Professional Athletes

Recover Light Therapy is trusted by professional athletes as a safe and effective treatment to add to their routine and recovery, without interfering with any other treatment modalities


Red Light Therapy has been shown to increase healing by 40% in a study with NAVY SEALS in conjunction with NASA. Red Light therapy has been heavily studied by over 4,000 studies worldwide


R-670 was developed to provide the same peak wavelength as the WARP 75 device used by NASA but also incorporating full spectrum 633nm light. The amount of light energy emitted at 670nm is 500mw/cm2 (10 times more powerful than the WARP 75) 

Anthony Famiglietti

2 x Olympian 6 x US Champion - Recover Athlete™

"The future of injury repair and preventive injury care has finally arrived"

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