Your Recover® device has a preset treatment time that last 2 minutes. When reseting your light for another treatment just simply press the on/off button once, wait a second, then press again. 

To treat a surface wound or manage fine lines and wrinkles hold the device in one spot  for the whole treatment duration (do not move around). Hold the device less than 2 inches away from the skins surface. If treating an exposed wound or lesion do not make contact with the skin. 1 to 3 doses per spot is an effective dose for treating surface conditions. 

When treating issues beneath the skin, (tendon tears, soft tissue damage) hold the unit within 1/4 inch of the skin or even make contact with skin for deeper penetration. 3 to 7 doses is recommend per treatment spot for deep tissue damage and repair.  ( After 5 consecutive doses let the unit cool down to stay within operating temperature. ) 

 Please contact us below if you have any questions on treating specific injures for the most accurate guidance.